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    Fear paralyzes us. It keeps us from doing what we want to do; what we should do; what we have to do. Sometimes it’s the fear of failure, but often, if we’re brave enough to admit it, it’s the fear of success. It’s the fear that comes when you have a great idea…the fear that prevents the idea from becoming reality.

    Because, let’s face it, success takes hard work. And sometimes we’re afraid that if we actually pursue our ideas or dreams, they’ll happen and then we’ll have to follow through and actually deliver. It’s easier to be lazy and live in a world of possibilities than to actually do the research, lay the foundation and start working to make those possibilities reality.

    Are you afraid of success? I’ll admit – I struggle with it. But yet the need to succeed, to create, to make something of myself  eventually overtakes the fear.

    What are you afraid of?


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