JUNE 2013


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    Exciting. Overwhelming. Confusing. Gratifying. Social media can be all those and more, and sometimes all at once. It’s easy, once the initial excitement wears off, to get overwhelmed and just give up. I’ve talked to many small business owners, non profits and more who know they need to be utilizing social media but don’t have the time, the know-how or both.

    Many times it’s beneficial for a specialist, like me, to step in and help them develop a plan. But that only works if the client is willing to work too. Just because someone starts posting on their Facebook page or creates a Twitter account doesn’t automatically mean followers flock and results happen. It takes team work.

    Whether it’s a once a week meeting, a Skype call or emails throughout the week, collaboration is key. And, like any marketing efforts, it takes time. A Facebook page that only has 55 likes and a narrow target market may take a while to get rolling. Sometimes, even a page that has hundreds of likes but very little interaction requires patience…people have to be reminded and encouraged to engage.

    Need some ideas to generate engagement? Check out this article from socialmediaexaminer.com: